A Year Without Buying Books (I May Actually Die) – Show Your Shelves Some Love Challenge 2015

After two challenges in 2014 (one super successful and one an epic fail), I figure I’ll go big in 2015.  Chapter Break and Second Run Reviews are hosting an insane year-long reading challenge.  It is insane for two reasons.  First, it’s for an entire year.  Second, it involves spending absolutely nothing on books for said entire year.  The rules say that I can set some exceptions, so I will say that my Audible subscription (as long as I don’t buy extra credits), book club books, ARCs, and preorders don’t count.  It’s really tempting for me to say something like I can buy one book per month, but I’ll stay strong.  I’m going all out on this.

You may be asking yourself, why on earth would I participate in such a thing?  If you know me at all you know how much I love me a good indie bookstore.  I’ve been known to walk out with four or five books at a time.

And there’s your answer.

I went to my shelves today and counted the books I own but have not yet read.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the fact that I have at least 150 unread books on my shelves seems ridiculous.  It could be as much as 175, since there are quite a few books that I may or may not have read in the past and just don’t remember.  So I’m going to call it 150 since that’s a nice number.  In addition to the 150 physical books I have 20 ebooks (19 Kindle, 1 random Kobo, and some Nook books I’m not going to count).  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I own approximately 170 books that I have yet to read.  So this challenge is right up my alley.  Because otherwise most of those books would likely continue to languish in obscurity.

According to the intro post, there are 6 levels for goals of reading from 0-10 (yellow belt) to 50+ (black belt) books for the year.  Considering I have 170 unread books, I think I need to be on the higher end of the spectrum.  So I’m going to go with 75, which makes me a black belt wannabe (woo hoo).

Each month I’ll be posting about my progress and answering some super fun prompts provided by the awesome hosts.  I’ll be creating a separate page here for all 12 links for the year (like I did for the BookBlogWriMo challenge) for your reading convenience.  I’m so good to you, aren’t I?

Now sit back, relax, and watch your email for tons of reviews!

You do have an email subscription, don’t you?  No?  How convenient is it that there’s a cute little subscription box right here.  You’re welcome.

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    1. Leila

      Thanks! I have fun with it. That chores system is so cool! I may have to do that for stuff like exercise and cleaning the bathroom (both with which I struggle) 😉

  1. Ashley

    Wow, woman – that is a LOT of unread books! And I feel bad that I have 4 or 5 unread Kindle books. (I do have more unread paper books, but definitely under 100.) Good luck with your challenge!

    1. Leila

      Yeah, I can go nuts at a bookstore with the best of them. But there are also some I’ve had for several years and just forgot about in the rush of new books. Thanks! I’ll probably need that luck. Make that a definitely.

  2. Melika

    That is a challenging challenge. But I am sure you can make it.
    By the way, like always, I love your super creative titles. 🙂

    1. Leila

      I’m going to do my best!

      Yeah I have fun with the titles 🙂

  3. Stefani

    I read about this on Chapter Break. Seems kinda insane but I know that at the end of next year I’ll be applauding to whoever succeeds. Best of luck to you! 😀

    1. Leila

      Oh it’s totally insane. And thanks. I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

  4. Terri

    Welcome aboard, Leila! My friends all think I’m crazy, but I’m looking forward to this challenge. I’ve got most of my physical books on a single shelf (haven’t counted them yet, but they are two deep plus I have over 100 books on my Nook.

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

    1. Leila

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited. As to the books on your shelves it sounds like we may be about tied 😉

  5. Stephanie

    So glad I found this, 2015 is my year of “NOT”! I too am not buying any new books for a year along with other categories yet to be determined, written down and lived by! I plan to go through every book we as a family own, read it again and deem whether or not it should be kept or passed on. We also plan to really explore our library and the treasures it surely holds. We also will download free books to our hearts content! Excited to keep up with your progress.

    1. Leila

      Thanks! I have so many good books that deserve some love!

  6. Kaitlin Michelle

    OMG! I know! I think I have 200 e-books and physical books that I own, and have not read, and probably 150 on my netgalley that I need to read. EEEK. I am excited and stressed about this. LOL

    1. Leila

      Holy crap! 150 on NetGalley?! How on earth do you manage that?! I’m kinda in awe of you.

  7. Rose

    Awesome titles! And good luck Leila!!!! I need to create a physical book shelf in my library of books I have not read yet. I estimate it to be somewhere in the 100 range.

    1. Leila

      That’s too much effort for me 😛

  8. Kali

    Wow, this is a great idea! I recently moved, and I had unread books more spread out in my old apartment. I was totally shocked to see them all piled on this gigantic shelf in my new apartment, I’ll have to count them up. I’m sure the number is very high! I don’t think I’d have the willpower to do this though, as I always pass over my older books for the new shiny cool thing. But maybe I’ll pause next time I’m thinking about getting a new book, now….

    1. Leila

      Yeah, I so needed a challenge like this! And I’m actually doing pretty well with it. I have enough shiny new books already on my shelves that it’s working out. At least 30 are 2014 releases.

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