I Promise I Still Love You: Cheating on Books – BookBlogWriMo Day 26


(Un)Fortunately we live in a world where books aren’t the only form of entertainment.  So for today’s BookBlogWriMo post I’m going to tell you what I watch when I’m not reading.

Well, I’ll be up front with you.  I’m reading when I watch TV.  I find it very difficult to simply sit in front of the TV and just watch it.  Sometimes I’ll sew or something (I cross-stitch.  I know, very old lady of me).  But most of the time I read.  I’m a fabulous multi-tasker when it comes to reading.  I spend a lot of time in college reading while walking to class.  I do, however, draw the line at reading while in a movie theater.  I figure if I’m paying $10 or more to watch the movie I’m going to watch the freaking movie.

Anyway, I don’t watch very many TV shows regularly, and the ones I do I typically record and binge watch every few weeks.  I’m rarely on top of whatever conversations are going on about the latest episodes.  But here’s what I do watch:

  • Outlander on Starz – Duh!  Of course I watch this show.  Religiously.  With my bestie.  So amazing, and so worth the wait!  Squee!  Swoon!  Stuff like that!  Except for the freaking six month mid-season break.  Where’s my time machine?  Or standing stones?  Are there any here in Texas?  Let me know.
  • The Strain on FX – I have really diverse taste in books, movies, and TV.  This one happens to be based on a book, which isn’t a coincidence.  I watched the show because I enjoyed the book.  And considering it’s a TV show, I think they did a damn fine job.  I’m psyched for next season.
  • The Knick on Cinemax – The trailers sucked me in.  I mean all those flashes of the surgeries and beautiful period clothes.  The modernish music that reminded me of Alien.  I was a goner.  And the show hasn’t disappointed me.  Each episode is amazing.  Also can’t wait for the next season.
  • A whole lot of Disney movies – My son lives Disney movies, so I watch Brave, Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Tangled, and The Incredibles quite often.  But the beautiful thing about those movies is that they’re still pretty good the 94th time around.
  • Frat Pack movies – Once again something that seems out of character for me.  I’m a big fan of movies like Horrible Bosses, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Old School and the like.  Again, I can watch those frequently.
  • Science Fiction – I love movies along the lines of Ender’s Game, Oblivion, and Elysium.  The funny thing is, though, that I’m not a huge fan of reading similar books.  Although Ender’s Game was pretty good.

I hope you get the idea.  The funny thing is that often I’m afraid to watch the movie or TV adaptation of a book I enjoyed.  Like If I Stay.  I loved that book, and I’m so worried that the movie will ruin it for me.  Same goes for The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.  But I feel like I’d be a total loser living in a cave if I don’t suck it up and watch them.  So as soon as they’re available on the movie channels, I’m in.  Watch my Twitter feed for rants or praises.

How do you cheat on books?

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  1. Melika

    I absolutely love the title of this post.

    1. Leila

      Thanks 🙂 I try to be interesting.

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