Covet by Tracey Garvis-Graves

It’s not often that I come across a book that speaks to me.  One that makes me laugh, cry, and take a good look at myself, my life, and my marriage.  Covet made me very uncomfortable, and I think that’s a good thing.  I’ve been married for eight years, and there have been ups and downs (as there are in most marriages).  But I never once considered the possibility of divorce; it simply never crossed my mind.  Better or worse, as the vows go.  And I take that seriously.

One of the (many) things that I absolutely loved about Covet is that Claire and Chris, despite the terrible distance between them, didn’t jump straight to divorce.  Yes, they had some major trials.  Yes, Claire got to be way too close to another man.  But unlike many other books, the affair was (only) emotional.  Claire held herself back.  She knew when she had to put an end to the friendship.  She never really meant to leave her husband (and actually ended up hurting the other guy worse than her husband).  And Chris always had his heart in the right place, although he didn’t figure out how to show Claire until it was almost too late.

I’m not usually a fan of a bunch of perspective changes, but I think in this case the narratives of the three main characters was necessary to convey the entire story and all the emotions tied up in everyone’s behavior.  And it made me step back and think about my own husband.  I often feel so much of what Claire is feeling, and I wonder if my husband sometimes feels the way Chris does.  I think we, like many couples who have been together for a long time, sometimes take one another for granted.  Perhaps, like Chris and Claire, we need to swallow our own pride and fear of rejection and just reach out again.

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