Game (Jasper Dent #2) by Barry Lyga

Ah, yes.  Another advance copy that I had to force myself to finish.  I know I don’t have to finish each one, but I’ve still got a complex.  So for the time being I’ll keep forcing myself (much like eating brussels sprouts as a child).  Moving on.

Game is the sequel to I Hunt Killers, a book about the son (Jasper) of a particularly nasty serial killer (Billy).  The whole premise is really cool (a bit like Dexter), and I love Jasper’s best friend, Howie.  Unfortunately, I still don’t like Jasper or his girlfriend (Connie) after having spent two books with them.  To be quite honest, Billy is more likeable than Jasper.  Perhaps that’s because he’s comfortable as he is; not always all angsty and fighting his true self.

I will say that the plot of this second book is way more interesting than the first.  Serial killers playing board games with people’s lives?  Creepy, yet compelling.  And there are some really interesting twists.  These tiny pieces of good are what really kept me going (not just my DNF guilt).  Little hints of greatness in an otherwise average book.  And the best part?  Unlike most mystery and thriller books, I was actually able to figure out some of the mystery myself (not sure what that says about me or the book).  Woo hoo!

Since I’m often known for inconsistency, I’ll stay with the norm and say that while I’ve given Game a Leave It rating, it’s likely that I’ll go ahead and finish the trilogy.  The third installment, Blood of My Blood came out recently, and the cliffhanger (yes, there’s one for those of you that hate them) at the end of Game is enough to keep me reading, however reluctantly.

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