There’s a Reason I Hate Stars: My Rating System – BookBlogWriMo Day 14


BookBlogWriMo (also known as November) is almost half over already!  Today I’m going to talk about another (kinda) method to my fabulousness: my rating system.  I’ve written a post on this already, but I’ll write it again, and maybe embellish a bit.

Unlike a lot of things about this blog, the rating system has stayed the same from the very first review, way back in October of 2011.  There are only two ratings on LeilaReads: Take It or Leave It.  Here’s why you won’t see any stars on my reviews.

I really dislike star ratings.  I think they’re misleading (although I understand why most reviewers use them).  They’re so  open to interpretation, especially a three-star review.  Three stars kinda means it could go either way (read it or not), and I find that incredibly frustrating.  When I read reviews, I (usually) am familiar with the reviewer, and I respect their opinion.  I just want to know whether or not I should spend my time reading a particular book.  That’s it.  If Chapter Break or Rabid Reads recommends a book, as long as the story seems interesting, I’ll usually add it to my TBR.

That’s what I want to get out of a review.  So I rate books the way I want books to be rated.  Take It or Leave It.  Read it or don’t waste your time.

To break it down a bit, here’s what the ratings mean.  Take It means just that.  Read the book.  More specifically it means that I either actively recommend the book, or that I wouldn’t actively discourage someone from reading it.  Translated into stars, three to five stars.  Leave It is also pretty self-explanatory.  I wouldn’t recommend the book, or I would actively discourage someone from reading it (zero to three stars).  Simple enough, in my humble opinion.  And I’m pretty clear in my reviews why I gave the rating, and which interpretation of said rating should be applied.

Easy peasy, right?

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What’s your rating system?  If the bookish world could use something else, what would be your ideal star substitute?  What do you think of my rating system?

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  1. Julie

    I like your rating system and explanation. You’re so right that numbers of stars are so subjective and it is really the explanation and recommendation or lack thereof that counts the most.

    1. Leila

      Thanks! I wonder who came up with the star system. I’d like to punch them in the face sometime.

  2. Stefani

    I like your rating system. It makes sense. I hate the star system but it’s everywhere so I’m going with it.

    1. Leila

      Rage against the machine! But seriously I completely understand going with what 99% of people use.

  3. Ashley

    If you want to make me unhappy, just ask me to rate something (anything) on a numerical scale. I don’t care if it’s one to 5, 0 to 10, a hundred-point scale – I hate it. I would much rather describe the pros and cons (or something along those lines) than try to condense something down to a single number.

    1. Leila

      Me too! Hence my disavowal of stars on this blog.

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