Reading While Driving: Audiobook Challenge 2015

audiobook challenge 2015

As in many things, once I find something I love, I tend to go a little overboard.  So it goes for challenges in 2015.  I’ve already signed up for BookRiot Read Harder, Ultimate Reading, Series That Never Ends, Outlander, and ShelfLove.  And now I’m adding the Audiobook Challenge.

While it may seem like I’m over-committing, there’s actually a lot of overlap in the challenges, so it’s not quite as strenuous as it may seem at first glance.  For example, 8 of the 20 books I’ll be listening to for this challenge are the Outlander series, which goes along with the Outlander challenge.  Things like that.

I’ll be posting updates on my progress on March 27, June 19, September 25, and December 18.

Care to join in?  Visit the sign-up post on The Book Nympho and join in!  Book blog is not required, just keep track on GoodReads or the like.

Wish me luck!

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    1. Leila

      Just wonderful? Freaking amazing! This is the challenge I feel most confident about.

        1. Leila

          Nope. The name sounds vaguely familiar. I’ll check it out.

  1. Julie

    I did this one last year, and am considering doing it again, but just using a GR shelf instead of the blog so I don’t have to post updates.. cause lazy lol

    1. Leila

      Cause new baby. I feel ya.

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