Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

I read about Sea Witch in an article in Bitch magazine about romance novels and feminism.  Most romance novels are about weak, vapid women and the strong, macho men that rescue them from bad situations.  As a feminist publication, Bitch has a problem with this.  Much to my relief, however, instead of just bitching (sorry, I couldn’t help it) about it, they actually gave suggestions for more satisfying reading.

Sea Witch is a great romance novel from a feminist perspective.  Far from being helpless, the heroine is a mythical creature called a selkie.  She is immortal, not aging while she is in the form of a seal.  She takes off her sealskin on occasion and comes to shore, mostly to have sex.  The book starts with her coming to shore and basically screwing the first man she comes across.  As it turns out, this man is our hero, who is a cop in the small town the book takes place in.  He is also not a typical hero in a romance novel, as he is an Iraq war veteran with a bad leg as a result of an ambush while he was serving.  He also suffers from PTSD nightmares.

There is a lot of great sex in Sea Witch, but there is also a satisfying plot, and a good real of romance outside the bedroom.  Also, instead of just the hero saving the heroine, they both end up saving each other and sacrificing something for the happiness of the other.  The book is the first in the Children of the Sea series, and I will definitely be reading the others.  I just hope they are as good as the first, which is a lot to live up to.

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