That’s What HE Said Thursday #13

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It’s Book Boyfriend Quote Day!  Woo hoo!  Much love to the ladies at Chapter Break for their amazing meme, which is all about sharing the wonderful (and not so wonderful) words of the book boyfriends we love (or maybe love to hate).  I’ll warn you though, that despite my heavy use of the exclamation points in this intro, the quote is actually pretty serious.

“And then I watched the love of my life fall in love. His name was David, he was a physical therapist.  They met at the grocery store.  I don’t really want to get into it.  But he made her blush and I was jealous and happy and depressed as hell all at the same time.  It had been long enough.”

Jude in The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

The Waiting Room is told in the first person by Jude, and this quote is just part of the narration.  But it’s one of my favorite paragraphs in the whole book (I especially love the total averageness of David).  After 5 years of watching from the windows of the Waiting Room (an in-between where the dead wait to be reincarnated) as his wife grieved for him, she meets someone new. Of course, Jude struggles with being being happy for her, especially since he can’t be there for her.  Of course, he wants her to be happy, but it’s a hard thing for him to witness.  My dad died really young, leaving my mom a widow at 45.  I watched my mom grieve for my dad (she wore black for almost 2 years), and then she fell in love again.  It was so hard for me to be happy for her, so I kinda know how Jude felt.

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  1. Julie

    Oh wow what a dark premise, but really interesting too. Having to watch from the between while your grieving widow moves on finally, must be some story. Great pick.

    1. Leila

      Thanks. I was really surprised at how brilliant the book was. The whole thing is like that. Beautiful and hopeful yet sad.

  2. BiblioJunkies

    That sounds so sad. I’ll have to check to it out. ~ Bel

    1. Leila

      The book is actually kind bittersweet. Not completely sad. The concept makes it pretty hopeful (so you won’t need a huge box of tissues) 🙂

    1. Leila

      I know, right? I’m posting a review of the book in the next couple of days.

  3. Melissa Robles

    Stunning quote. I felt it and I don’t even know Jude at all. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Leila

      Thanks! I really hope you check out the book. It’s pretty amazing.

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