The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride (Millworth Manor #3) by Victoria Alexander


It seems I’ve inadvertently read a number of romances starring widows breaking free of their formerly proper lives.  Forgive the repetitiveness, but I do write about everything I read.  In this case, the proper English lady in question meets a dashing young American during a trip to New York and quite literally falls straight into bed with him.  She finds the whole thing quite freeing, particularly since she never expects to see him again.

Of course, said dashing young American shows up and turns her meticulously planned future upside down.  The usual conflicting opinions about whether or not they’re suited, in the current fashion of the man being the more emotionally intelligent half of the couple.  Now, here’s the thing.  The exchange of opinions regarding suitability takes place in the course of an excess of dialogue.  I never would have thought such a thing possible, but there was so much back and forth to the point where I often lost track of who was speaking.  As a result of so much conversation, there was very little romance.  While I laughed quite a bit, I was disappointed to not get much romance out of a romance novel.

Although I won’t recommend this installment in the series, I will likely (at some point) read the first two installments, as I liked the twin sisters (who are the heroines of those two novels) a great deal.

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