Toilet Training Without Tantrums by John Rosemond

toilet training without tantrumsA no-nonsense approach to potty training, in John Rosemond’s usual traditional parenting style.  No touchy-feely “parent-babble”, just a super simple way to get your kiddo out of diapers pronto.

I am part of a group of amazing young moms, all with kids around 18-24 months or so.  Right now our hot topic is potty training.  As most moms know, there are a lot of different ways to go about this business (pun intended).  There is the psychological method in Stress-Free Potty Training and others like it (No-Cry Potty Training, the Brazelton method, etc.  Google “potty training.”  Ridiculous number of hits).  These methods advocate waiting to begin training until the child shows signs of “readiness”, which often do not show up until age 2 1/2 or later.

And then there’s old school.  John Rosemond is extremely old school in all of his parenting advice.  He advocates a parenting style similar to that of the 1950’s and before (see The Well-Behaved Child) in all matters, including potty training.  He points out that potty training has become ridiculously overblown into a huge deal by the psychological parenting revolution of the 60’s and beyond.  I have to say I agree.  So, Rosemond simplifies potty training into one phrase:

Naked and $75.

How easy is that?  Basically, your kiddo runs around naked all day.  There’s a potty on the floor where the child can see it and just sit and do what he/she needs to without your help.  I had to make a slight adjustment when I did this, since we had to use the potty in the bathroom (Ty liked to dump out the potty on the floor), using Rosemond’s suggestion of a “Potty Bell.”

As I mentioned in my review of Stress-Free Potty Training, Ty is potty trained about 90% as of today, at 19 months (this method works best during the potty-training sweet spot of 18-24 months, but also works with older children, with a few adaptations).  I stopped diapers except at naps and nighttime at about 17 and 1/2 months.  Sure, the first couple of weeks were messy, but it was totally worth it.  That’s where the $75 comes in.  When your kiddo is largely accident-free, you pay someone $75 to clean your carpets.

I recommend this book to everyone I know with toddlers.  I’d pass out copies of it if Rosemond provided them.  Buy it, use it.  It will change your view of potty training and reduce your stress level (for real).

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