Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4) by Rebecca Zanetti

Last year the third book in the Sin Brothers series, Blind Faith, was one of the first advance copies I was approved for on NetGalley.  And I loved it.  I cared about the characters right away, and I loved how Rebecca wrote the story so that although I hadn’t read the first two books in the series, I didn’t feel lost.

So I was super excited when Grand Central Publishing’s publicity department emailed me asking if I wanted to read and review the fourth book in the series.  Of course I wanted to read it!  Sadly, it did not even come close to living up to the expectations of awesomeness I had after reading Blind Faith.

I think the major issue I have is that I thought that Jory was a bit of (of a huge) a jerk.  Yes, such books are supposed to have dominant heroes, but he just took it a bit too far.  I seriously disliked him.  And I really liked Piper, so I was a bit disappointed in her for falling for such an awful dude.  He just didn’t fit in at all with his brothers.  Sure, he’d been through a lot of extra crap, but I still couldn’t forgive him for being a bit of a bastard.

On a more positive note, the story was pretty cool, with some fun action scenes, although the bedroom stuff left something to be desired (ha, ha).

While I wasn’t super impressed with Total Surrender, if Grand Central asks if I want to read other books in this series (I get the feeling there will be more), I’d say yes.  But I’m thinking that’s not going to happen if they read this review.

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