Well, I Cheated a Bit (Just a Bit): ShelfLove Challenge February Update

Yes, I kshelflove 2015now.  Only a month in, and I’ve already cheated.  Well, I’m not actually sure it was cheating.  Let me tell you what actually happened, so you’ll have all the facts before you judge me.

I should probably begin by letting you know that I got $50 in book money for Christmas from my wonderful mother-in-law.  She’s just amazing.  You know how people sometimes tell these horror stories about nasty MIL’s?  Nope, not me.  She’s wonderful.

Anyway, buy the end of January I had spent all of that money.  But using money like that is allowed under the terms of the challenge.  I did buy one book outside of that money, but it’s more of a business book, so I didn’t really count it.  I know, I know.  But I needed it.  Well, not really.  But I think of this challenge more as not buying anymore fiction.  Regardless, I don’t plan to cheat again.  We’ll see what happens.

On a more positive note, I have read quite a few books from my own shelves:

  1. Unlaced by the Outlaw by Michelle Willingham
  2. Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
  3. Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
  4. Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce
  5. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
  6. Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor
  7. Magellan’s Shadow by Barbara Booth Hemphill
  8. Abducted by T.R. Ragan
  9. Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott
  10. Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson

Granted, I haven’t written reviews for most of these (I’ve linked to them if I have, otherwise I’ve linked to Amazon), but I’ve read them.  That counts for something, right?

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  1. The challenge isn’t about writing reviews so you are in the clear! 10 books is great. I got 7 cleaned off my list. Now I have some ARCs that I just got to read so I’m taking a bit of a break.

    1. Leila

      Oh sweet! For some reason I thought I needed to review them all. Yeah, I have 8 ARCs to get to.

  2. Julie

    Yea I’m with you that the challenge is for fiction and hobby reading books, not business related books. Wow you read 10 books, go you miss lady! I still have yet to be able to curl up with a book at home.

    1. Leila

      Yeah well you have a job and a baby. I have a fledgling Jamberry business and a toddler. 🙂

  3. Annie

    Nah, it’s not a cheat. That was a gift. Definitely doesn’t count. And really who could have a $50 gift card for books and not spend it? Seriously?

    1. Leila

      Oh, I bought that one after I had already spent the entire $50!

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